Windhorse and Vairochana Plaque

Windhorse and Vairochana Plaque This is a powerful amulet to protect your family. At the front is the mantra of Gyaltsen Tsemoi Pungen. This protects from harm, fear, contagious disease and fire. Displaying this protection, one cannot come under the control of others so it protects one's from spirit harm. It also brings victory over quarrels, disputes, fighting, danger, and every kind of conflict situation. You will have no fear and instead will have victory over obstacles and enemies.

At the back, there is the Heart Mantra of Arya Vairocana. Just by reciting this mantra one receives success and cannot be harmed by weapons, fire, water, poison, substances mixed with poisons, or black magic. Nor can one be harmed by kings, thieves or robbers. You will also not receive sickness, harm or contagious diseases.

Place this Amulet plaque in the high
Product details
Length: 8,0 cm
Height: 11,0 cm
Weight: 200 g
Make: Brass With Platted Chrome Gold
Code: 023008900069

The above measurements are all approximate. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Price: 220 EUR        Availability: Limited Qty       

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